Flexibility Training : Yoga for Athletes

Below is about a 15 minute flexibility routine focused on hamstrings and hips.  Do this 5 times per week.

Flexibility Principles

-Anyone can become more flexible with consistent, almost daily practice

-Long deep holds (2-5 minutes per side) – Set a timer, it’s longer than you think

Keep up the good work.  Strength plus Flexibility = POWER!

xoxox, Amy @train.eat.repeat

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Standing forward Fold

(2-5 minute hold)

*Standing with legs hip width apart, fold forward reaching towards the ground.  Think about lifting the hips up, drawing in the low belly and relaxing the upper body, head and neck down. 

LESS INTENSE: If the hamstrings are super tight, keep a slight bend to you knee.  You can reach forward and place your hands on a basketball, or block, or hold onto you elbows.   Your hands can also come to a wall, moving your chest down and sending hips back.

MORE INTENSE:  Keep drawing the belly button in toward spine, lifting the hips up and shifting your weight more towards the balls of your feet.  You can hold onto you big toes, tuck your hands underneath your feet (gorilla pose), or reach behind and hold you ankles.  You can also face a wall and move into your forward fold, lean forward and use the wall to support your back as you lean forward and down.  (the wall will be on your back)




(2-5 minute hold per side)

*High or low lunge.  For low lunge, place back knee down on the ground as front knee is bent.  Keep front knee over ankle and always behind the toes.  Hands can be on the ground, on your thigh, reaching up or leaning back.  .  Repeat both sides

Standing Forward Fold

Legs Up the Wall

Half Splits

(2-5 minutes per side)

*From low lunge send your hips back and your front toes point up to ceiling.  Keep hips squared and moving back and chest up.  .  Repeat both sides


Half Splits

-Lying on your back, bend knees, bring right heel over left knee.  Reach right hand in between legs and interlace your hands on the back of the hamstring.  Pull knee toward chest as you relax head and back onto mat.  Repeat both sides

*Variations - Place left foot right up against a wall and push with your foot into the wall, while using elbow to open up right knee. Type your paragraph here.

Legs Up the Wall

(2-10 minutes)

*sitting next to the wall, hip touching the wall, swing both legs up the wall and bring back, neck and head relaxing on the ground.  Your butt should be right up next to the wall.  You can also place a pillow, towel, or blanket under your hips here.  Rest here, relaxing.  If the legs and feet start to tingle, bend knees, push feet into wall, then return them back up the wall. 


Pigeon/ Reverse Pigeon

(2-5 minutes per side)